Book Reviews

Fallen Elemental by Tamara White

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Evelyn Storm #1
Rating: No Rating. DNF


I thought I was human. I thought I could finish school, leave my abusive parents and my old life behind. I was wrong. I’m an elemental and I can use not just one element but all of them. That’s not all though, I can control llightning. No elemental is able to control lightning but I’m not just any elemental. A prophecy has marked me as the ultimate power.


I couldn’t finish this. There were just so many wrongs and no rights. I shall list.

  1. The writing

The writing is terrible. Needs major editing.

2. The heroes

The heroes find the girl that they are “destined” to be with, but all four heroes are connected to her. That is not what made me irritable. What made me irritable is that four guys just found out that they have to share a girl and totally act like it’s a normal everyday occurrence. I don’t care who you are there will always be tension when it comes to guys having to share. Even if they finally come to an agreement there will still be some tension. Especially at first.

3. The heroine

Four boys who are brand new to the school, show interest in her. She decides to fully trust them. One even tells her right before she has her eighteenth birthday that she is an elemental. Once she does turn elemental she finds out she is the most powerful one and that she is apart of a prophecy. What is her reaction? Okay. No freak out ever. When the heroes tell her that she is connected to all of them, again no freak out. She wasn’t believable.

I couldn’t finish this book because of this. I wasn’t enjoying the story. I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. The heroine was so unrealistic. I’m not discouraging anyone to not read this, I am just saying why I DNFed the book.