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The Palace Job by Patrick Weekes

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series:Rogues of the Republic #1

The most powerful man in the republic framed her, threw her in prison, and stole a priceless elven manuscript from her family.

With the help of a crack team that includes an illusionist, a unicorn, a death priestess, a talking warhammer, and a lad with a prophetic birthmark, Loch must find a way into the floating fortress of Heaven’s Spire-and get past the magic-hunting golems and infernal sorcerers standing between her and the vault that holds her family’s treasure.

It’d be tricky enough without the military coup and unfolding of an ancient evil prophecy-but now that determined and honorable Justicar Pyvic has been assigned to take her in.

But hey, every plan has a few hitches.

Review: I have been in such a mood for YA Fantasy. When I put up a status for good recommendations, I was recommended this by David from Goodreads. I found out it was on Kindle Unlimited and snatched it right up.

Shall we meet are cast of characters…

Loch-The leader
Kail- the funny, you’re mama jokes, second in command
Tern- Mousy safe cracker
Icy- Imperial contortionist
Orris- Warden of the cleaners, very pissed off at Loch
Uluenia-Shapeshifting unicorn with a fetish for young muscular virgins
Dairy- young boy of sixteen
Desidora-death priestess
Hessler-wizard rejected from the univeristy
Pyvic-set in his ways Justicar
Ghylspwr-Warhammer that talks
Silsten- Archvoyant, powerful man

I don’t know what I had gotten myself into. This is definitely a good one. The characters were never boring. I haven’t found one that I truly hate. Even the bad guy I like. I don’t hate one single character. Not even a dislike. How is this possible. I always have one character I dislike or hate.

Besides the characters this was a wonderful story. I loved it!!! There wasn’t anything I could find wrong with it. An original story with a great cast of characters. Must read on.

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