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Wake Up Married serial, Episodes 1-3: Wake Up Married, Meet the Family, Do the Holidays by Leta Blake, Alice Griffiths

My Edition: Kindle (Owned)
Series: Wake Up Married
Rating: 4 stars

Episode One: Will & Patrick Wake Up Married

After a drunken night of hot sex in Vegas, strangers Will Patterson and Dr. Patrick McCloud wake up married. A quickie divorce is the most obvious way out- unless you’re the heir of a staunchly Catholic mafia boss with a draconian position on the sanctity of marriage. Throw their simmering attraction into the mix and all bets are off!

Episode Two: Will & Patrick Meet the Family

Meeting the family is challenging for every new couple. But for Will and Patrick, the awkward family moments only grow more hilarious–and painful–when they must hide the truth of their predicament from the people they care about most. Throw in the sexual tension flaring between them and you’ve got a recipe for madcap laughs and surprisingly heartwarming feels.

Episode Three: Will & Patrick Do the Holidays

A couple’s first holiday season is always a special time. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are magical when you’re in love. Too bad Will and Patrick’s marriage is a sham and they’re only faking their affection for each other. Or are they? Sparks fly in this episode of the Wake up Married serial. Will the sexual tension between Will and Patrick finally explode in a needy night of passion? Or will they continue to deny their feelings?

Review: I am rating these three all together. I don’t really feel like doing three small reviews in one. Call me lazy but to be honest I’m sick and I just want to get this done with so I can move on to the final three episodes. Let’s meet the cast of characters shall we…

Will- Such a sweetheart. How he can be in love with Ryan, I really don’t know. Will has diabetes and he’s an recovering alcoholic.

Patrick- Egotistical neurosurgeon who doesn’t like the commitment of marriage and wants a quick divorce but stays to help Will out.

Owen- Will’s sponsor and attorney for Good Works.

Jenny- Healing resident who loves Patrick’s directness

Kimberly- Will’s mother. Hypocritical bitch. (I hate her!)

Ryan- Will’s ex and main reason he got drunk in Vegas. Total Asshole.

Hartley- Man who Ryan left Will for. (I actually kind of like him even though I didn’t want to.)

Eleanora/Nonna- Will’s grandmother on his father’s side. (I like her.)

Kevin- Will’s gay uncle who still mourns the lost of his lover. (Don’t know how I feel about him.)

Tony- Will’s mob boss dad.

My overview:

I really love Will and Patrick together. Even though Patrick tries to act like he doesn’t care, he does. He makes sure Will eats and takes his insulin. He also found out that Will has signs when he is either low or high. Will didn’t even know he had these signs. Ryan is a complete and total ass. I am wondering what serious attracted Will to him. Anyone with eyes can see that Ryan is the main reason why Will keeps relapsing. Plus in the first episode you can clearly tell Patrick cares for Will so much more than Ryan ever did in the six years they were together. Also Ryan made it seem as if doing anything was horrible. Seriously he needed a shirt that said SEX IS A SIN! I really did not like Ryan. Actual that is really understated. I loathe Ryan.


Kimberly was another character I didn’t like. The moment she meet Patrick, she talked down to him. She acted as if Ryan was a saint and Patrick was the devil stealing Will’s soul. Plus I don’t know if she noticed but Ryan is very verbal abusive to Will. If any man talked to my son like that I would skin the motherf#cker.

Anydick I will be reading the final three episodes and dammit these two better have a cute and happy ending with Patrick punching Ryan in the face.




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