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The Wedding Date by Sean Ashcroft

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Standalone
Rating:4 stars

What could possibly go wrong with pretending to date your straight best friend?

As if walking in on his boyfriend cheating on him wasn’t bad enough, Caleb finds himself facing the prospect of attending his sister’s Hawaiian destination wedding alone– unless he accepts Ethan’s offer to go with him and pretend to be the boyfriend he deserves.

Ethan might be straight, but he’s charming, sensible, and looks good in a suit. Caleb knows that it’s the kind of plan that’s likely to come back and bite him, but it’s better than having to admit to his family that his love life is a disaster.

Besides, he can keep his secret crush on Ethan just as secret while they’re on vacation. Can’t he?

Things get complicated when Ethan realises he might not be as straight as he thought he was, and takes the opportunity to experiment with Caleb while they’re away– after all, they’re pretending to be dating anyway. Adding a few kisses and a little more affection into the mix can’t hurt.

It soon becomes obvious to both men that they want more from each other than they first thought– but actually admitting that and risking their friendship over it seems impossible.

Between the cold feet, wedding drama, fistfights, fear, and confusion, can Ethan and Caleb find a way to tell each other how they feel? Or will it really be over once they get home?

Review: This is my first book by Ashcroft. I loved it.

Ethan’s best friend is Caleb who he met at work. They hang out all the time even when Caleb has boyfriends. When hanging out one night Ethan notices that Caleb seems a little down. Caleb then tells him that he caught his boyfriend of several months cheating on him. Caleb is sadden not only with the cheating but now he has to go his little sister’s wedding alone. He doesn’t want to face his family with another yet failed relationship. Ethan comes up with an idea. Why doesn’t he go with Caleb and pretend to be the doting boyfriend?

While in Hawaii Ethan is noticing he is attracted to Caleb. So he thinks why not try and see if there is anything there or if it’s just a fluke.

These two are so adorable together. I think Ashcroft made the two most perfect men for each other. There was just natural chemistry. Nothing seemed as if it was forced. Totally sweet and adorable. I will be reading more of Ashcroft in the near future.



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