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Untouchable by Lindsay Delgair

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Untouchable #1
Rating: No rating DNF page 177

Picking a boyfriend can be murder, but for Annalisa Winslett, it might end up being the literal death of her.

No one at Pensacola High School suspects the girl they know as Annalisa McKinnis to be a wealthy heiress in hiding, but things begin to unravel when two new guys enroll. Both guys are gorgeous, and both are trying to win her over. The only problem is that one of them has a million dollar contract to put a bullet in her.

When her pure and innocent heart is offered to him, will this cold and empty hitman fall, or will he remain untouchable?

Review: I normally don’t do love triangles but when one really isn’t after love but is after his million dollars and will most likely put a bullet in head, I wanted to know further.

This turned out way different than what I had expected to happen. This book had potential but it ended up lacking in places. I have a few problems with this book.

1. Annalisa was the perfect goody two shoes. She was good at everything. Especially driving. For a girl who has $100,000.00 credit card having to be taken away from her lavish lifestyle and put in to a world where she can’t drive her Porsche 911 and wear Wal-Mart brand clothes, she seemed way to okay with it. Just a shrug “my mom is kind of nuts and I can’t say who I really am but oh well. Life goes on.” It seemed a little too unreal for me. A little to “There could be a killer on the loose or my mom needs therapy but I’m okay with it.”

2. Insta love between her and Evan. Well her definitely had an insta love for Evan. Evan was just a weird character. He seemed to have more mood swings than a teenage girl PMSing for the first time. Annalisa was trying to change Evan into a good guy way to early in the book for me. She tried to make him see he does have a heart and that he’ll try to save her.

3. Ryan, enough said.

4. Annalisa figuring out everything way to early.

5. It wasn’t really a problem for me in a big way, but this should be tagged as a religious romance. Annalisa was kind of forceful with Evan to make him turn into a good guy.

6. Evan did not come across as a hitman. Actually a lot of stuff didn’t come across as it should have seemed.

This had an enormous amount of potential. I have never heard of something like this before and it would have been a good story if it was executed a little bit better. I just couldn’t take Annalisa anymore.

I was trying not to DNF but I wasn’t staying focused on the story. There were to many problems for me to deal with. This just wasn’t for me. Very sadly too. I was so looking forward to this book.



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