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Reign by Roxie Noir

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Standalone
Rating: 2 stars

Some fairy tales start after midnight.

The crown prince and I have nothing in common.

He’s a rugged, battle-hardened soldier who spent four years in the Royal Guard, an elite military unit. I met the King and Queen for the first time wearing leggings and a sweatshirt.

He’s the serious, quiet, straight-laced heir to the throne, and I accidentally got drunk at a formal dinner.

But there’s the way he looks at me, eyes blazing with hunger. Like he knows every dirty thought I’ve had about him- and he likes them. There’s the way my pulse skyrockets every time his hand brushes mine.

I’m the ambassador’s daughter. I know better than to mess around with a foreign head of state.

But I don’t know how long I can resist.

Not all princes are charming.

I spent years in the Royal Guard, our most elite military unit, fighting like hell so I could rule one day- not so I could give my father an heir with some well-bred rich girl.

I have a f*cking country to run. My love life can take a back seat.It’s not like I’ve ever met a girl I had to have.

Until her. The ambassador’s daughter. She’s so… American. Lowborn, brash, wildly unsuitable.. and gorgeous.

I’m disciplined, tough as hell, and I don’t f*ck around. But I can’t stop thinking about the way she laughs, about how she might taste. My father’s threatening to strip me of my title if I touch her, but she makes me want to break every one of my own rules.

F*ck titles. F*ck rules. F*ck my father’s threats. I want her. I need her.

She’s mine.

Review: I don’t know if it has to do with me not being in the mood for this book, or the fact I wasn’t really captivated. I was pretty much on auto pilot when reading. I didn’t have feels for either Kostya or Hazel. I was bored with the story. The only reason I even finished this was because I wanted to know how it ended. Well I also DNFed three books already and don’t want to add another. I’m trying not to DNF an abundance amount of books this year like I did last year.

Another thing I didn’t like was the thoughts of the American girl. We aren’t all that bad. I think. All I could think was sorry we don’t have a stick up our ass your royal bitchness. But then I think that really isn’t fair to say. Customs and cultures are very different. My ignorance showed a little. But hey can’t help it. I’m proud to be an American. (Damn now that song is stuck in my head.)

Anydick got off subject…

There were funny moments but I didn’t see much humor in this that I have read in other reviews. Maybe I am just spoiled by the teasings of Mariana Zapata’s characters. The teasing between the two MCs was cute but like standing at a perspective of a mom looking in on kids in junior high cute.

Again maybe I’m just spoiled. I couldn’t get into this at all. Not saying this is a horrible book or that there was not point in reading it, just saying it wasn’t for me. Maybe I just need a change in genre for a bit to get me out of this romance slump.