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Magnate by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Acquisition #2
Rating: 3.5 stars

Lucius Vinemont has spirited me away to a world of sugar can and sun. There is nothing he cannot give me on his lavish Cuban plantation. Each gift seduces me, each touch seals my fate.There is no more talk of depraved competitions or his older brother- the one who’d stolen me, claimed me, and made me feel things I never should have. Even as Lucius works to make me forget Sinclair, my thoughts stray back to him, to the dark blue eyes that haunt my sweetest dreams and bitterest nightmares. Just live every dream, this one must end. Christmas will be soon here, and with it the second trail of the Acquisition.

Review: That ending flipping sucks. I hate cliffhangers. Good thing the next and final book is out. I think it’s the final book.

Stella has switched her ownership to Lucius. Some people have hinted that Lucius is worse than Sinclair but I haven’t seen it. The second trial happens in this one. The Christmas trial which is rumored to be the worst. I think it is. Totally barbaric this whole Acquisition event.

Anywho, I think this one is better than the first book. A little more developed. Still hasn’t really explained the history or the rules of the Acquisition. It has given more hints to why it is and what happens when someone is Sovereign.

With the ending though, I understand now why Sinclair is being an asshat and why he can’t lose. Heck with that first rule I wouldn’t want to lose either. Sadly that is the only rule that is given away in this book and it was the mother effing cliffhanger.

Well on to the next one.



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