Challenge: All the Books (Goodreads)

As it says above, this is a Goodreads group challenge. I am in a group called Challenge Corner and this is the group I will be participating in challenges throughout the year. As before I will list their rules and point system but I will also have a couple rules of my own to help challenge me further.

This is a team challenge but I will be posting my individual points up on here.

Rules (Group)

  • Books must be read and reviewed between February 1-28th.
  • Books must be at least 100 pages to count.
  • Graphic novels, manga, and books written in verse do not count for this challenge.
  • Categories may be repeated.

Rules (Mine)

  • DNFs do not count
  • No rereads.


  • One point for every book that fits a category.
  • One point for every buddy read
  • Two points for reading the group book of month (in addition to point you receive if it fits category).
  • Five points for every 1000 pages read.
  • Books started in previous months may be counted for pages only.


  • Historical fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Red on the cover
  • A 2016 or 2017 debut
  • New to you author
  • Number in the title
  • Name in the title (this means a given/first name)
  • A classic
  • A book with a character that shares your first name
  • A book recommended to you.
  • A buddy read
  • A book read in school
  • Female author
  • Male author
  • A book that has been adapted for film
  • One word title
  • Over 500 pages
  • An award winner
  • A collection short stories.

My books

  1. Preppy: The Life & Death of Samuel Clearwater
    • Published Oct. 25, 2016
    • Category A 2016 or 2017 debut
  2. The Fairy Tale Bride
    • Category Historical Romance
    • Victorian Era
  3. Fateful
    • Category: Fantasy
    • Vampire and fairies
  4. Snow and Ash
    • Category:Science Fiction
    • Dystopia
  5. Not in Kansas Anymore
    • Category: Red on the Cover
    • Red doll on fire on cover.
  6. Keep
    • Category: One word title
  7. Let it be
    • Category: New to you author
  8. Forbid me
    • Category: Female author
  9. Reign
    • Category: Female author
  10. The Wedding Date
    • Category: Male Author
  11. Black Ice
    • Category: Book Recommended to me


Final count: 1681


Final count: 10

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