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Counsellor by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Acquisition #1
Rating:3 stars

In the heart of Louisiana, the most powerful people in the South live behind elegant gates, mossy trees, and pleasant masks. Once every ten years, the pretense falls away and a tournament is held to determine who will rule them all. The Acquisition is a crucible for the Southern nobility, a love letter written to a time when barbarism was enshrined as law.

Now, Sinclair Vinemont is in the running to claim the prize. There is only one way to win, and he has the key to doing it- Stella Rousseau, his Acquisition. To save her father, Stella has agreed to become Sinclair’s slace for one year. Though she is at the mercy of the cold, treacherous Vinemont, Stella will not go willingly into darkness.

As Sinclair and Stella battle against each other and the clock, only one thing is certain: The Acquisition ends in blood.

Full disclosure: This book is a dark romance with elements of slavery, violence, BDSM, and super-hot sex. It is the first of a series and ends on a cliffhanger. If you’re good with these caveats, enjoy.

Review: This is my second book that I have read by this author. I liked it. Not as much as the first book but I still liked it. I thought it was okay.

Stella’s father is being sued by Sinclair Vinemont, the district attorney. To save her father from going to jail, Sinclair makes Stella an offer. She must sign a contract to give the next year of her life over to Sinclair to do as he pleases.

Sinclair wants her as his Acquisition. In the South there is a tradition to hold with the powerful and rich families south of the Mason-Dixon line. Every ten years there are three families chosen to bring an Acquisition. Only the firstborn are allowed to know what goes on. This time around Sinclair’s family was chosen and he must have an Acquisition. He picked Stella to be his. Through a year Sinclair must bring Stella to four different balls. The best Acquisition wins the spot for the family they belong to be Sovereign. Sinclair wants to win. Sovereign has control of everything.

While I haven’t read many dark books, this one didn’t feel dark. Well it did but it didn’t. It felt to me as this should be put in the future as a dystopia. I’m still very confused on why the Acquisition happens and why there are ruling families in the south. I am hoping in the next books it explains it a little better.

I really don’t like Lucius. I think it has more to do with the name than his mannerisms. Sinclair was alright. He’s no Garrett Blackwood. I am curious on what happens next for Stella and how the rest of her year will pan out after that ending.

P.S. Both her dad and Sinclair are assholes.