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Roommate by Jenika Snow

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Real Man #5
Rating: 2 stars


I’ve done pretty damn well in hiding my feelings for her over the years, but having Meghan under the same roof as me, and only feet from my bed makes it hard to control myself.

The truth is when it comes to Meghan I don’t want to practice self-control. I love her.


I’ve known him nearly my whole life. He’s cocky, gets under my skin, but is gorgeous and caring too. And as much as I want to say it doesn’t affect me, I’d be lying.
The truth is I love him, and I don’t know if that’ll end up destroying me.


She needed a place to stay, and now she’s got a roommate… me. But I’m about to show her that I want more than a friendly arrangement. Too much time has passed, and I’m done waiting.
I’m read to step up and be a man.
I’ve never been good at sharing, and when it comes to her, she’s mine.

Review: Alright this would have been a cute story if the hero wasn’t a flipping creeper. He pretty much stalked the heroine and knew he could be considered as a creepy guy. He was just way to possessive in the creepiest way possible.

Plus I would have liked to have known what kind of problems that Meghan had that she had to move in with Brendan. It would have been nice to understand that more. Debating on if I should finish this series because I’m not all that impressed.

Book Reviews

Experienced by Jenika Snow

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 96
Series: Real Man #4
Rating: 3 stars

He’ll show her how a real man treats a woman.


I’ve never known how good it could feel to be taken care of a man who knew what he was doing.
Until I was with Hugo…


I was older than her.
She was innocent, hadn’t experienced all that life had to offer her.
I could give her that experience.
Sabine consumed my thoughts, made me desire nothing else but her. No other woman compared to her, and because of that, I haven’t been with a woman for four years, which was also the last time I saw Sabine.
But I was done feeling guilty for what I desired. I wanted Sabine in my life, by my side, and I was about to make that a reality.
I didn’t know if she’d ever been treated the way a female should… but I was going to show her how a real man takes care of a woman.

Review: I noticed one thing I do not like about these books. It takes them forever to have sex. Just shut up.


This one wasn’t as bad as the last one thank goodness. Plus it may or may not have sort of helped to have a Russian silver fox as the hot alpha male. But still it took to long to get to the sex. I will finish this series because I am determined. Plus my yearly goal is to read 300 books and these novellas will start stacking up when I get to be really busy and use my spare time for full length novels.

On to the next one.