Book Reviews

Virgin by Jenika Snow

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 74
Series: Real Man #2
Rating: 3 stars

She will be the only one he’ll ever want.
He was the first boy she fell in love with

I met Isabel when I was ten.
I fell in love with her before I even knew what that meant. I knew from the moment I saw her she was it for me. No one else compared to her, and I’d do anything to make her mine. But I was afraid of losing the friendship we have, so I’ve kept my mouth shut.
But she’s leaving me, and I know I can’t keep how I feel inside any longer.
Saving myself for the girl I loved isn’t a hardship, but something I’m proud of. When it comes to Isabel giving her my virginity, and making her see we belong together, is all that matters.

Quinn is like the other half of my soul, the one person I can talk to about anything. He has the bad boy thing going on but is also respectful as much as he is a rebel.
He is the first and only boy I will ever love.
Being forced to move across the country, and leave him behind is like leaving a piece of myself in the process. But telling Quinn, I am madly in love with him could put a strain on our friendship. I didn’t know if that’s something I can handle or risk.

Nothing can keep me from Isabel. She is it for me, and I mean that in every conceivable way. Nothing can keep me from her. I hope she’s ready because there isn’t anything or anyone that will stop me from having her as mine.

Review: This one was better than the first one. Good thing I decided to give this author another chance. This was a cute story. No drama, insta-love and all that jazz. I normal hate instalove in novels but since this is a novella and smut, I can handle it.

Our hero Quinn is a virgin. He has been saving himself for his best friend Isabel who he has been in love with since he saved her from a bully at 10 years old. Even though he is soft and sweet to Isabel, he is anything but that to everyone else.

Isabel is having to move because her dad got a promotion. She is devastated not because she has to finish her senior year somewhere else but because she has to move away from Quinn. She decides to finally tell him that she has been in love with him for a long time.

This was a cute story. One many of us have dreamed up about our closest guy friend we have had a crush on. I liked this one sooo much better than the first book in the series. I will continue on with it. I really don’t know if I will like the next one. I’m not trying to judge a book by it’s title but it is named Baby Fever. Here goes nothing.

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