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Baby Fever by Jenika Snow

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Real Man #3
Rating: 1 star. DNF @59%

He’s done being the bad boy… he’s ready to be a father.


I’m the bad boy; the one mothers warn their daughters about. But I’d never seen myself settling down, and at the time that had been fine with me. The life, reality, whatever you wanted to call it, bitch slapped me right across the face, and I knew what I wanted.

A baby.

At thirty-nine I was having a severe case of baby fever, and that meant convincing the one woman I’ve always wanted but knew was too good for me, to be mine and be the mother of my child.


I’ve always wanted Dex. It’s hard not to want a man like Dex. He’s all raw power and cut muscle. He’s the epitome of what a real man is, but he’s not a bastard about it.

But then he throws me a curve ball and says he wants me not only as his woman… but the mother of his child.

And I’ll be honest; it’s what I’ve a;was wanted.


The truth is Eva deserves better than me, but I’m too selfish and I want her too badly to back away.

Nothing will stop me from making her mine… and putting my baby inside her.

Review: To be truthfully honest this is the first time I have ever read or heard of a man getting baby fever. I’m not saying that it never happens just that this is the first time I read about it.

So I may have sad something a little too soon about this series. I have a few problems with this book.

Problem #1. I was extremely skived out. For those of you that don’t know what skived is, let me educate you. Skived is another way of saying creeped or your spidey sense are tingling in a not so great way.

Our hero Dex wants a baby. But he also wants Eva, his friend’s sister. The amount of breeding talk that goes through Dex’s mind in the first chapter alone skived me out. I wanted to run to the hills and hide away forever.

Problem #2. What exactly made Dex be a bad boy. Yeah maybe in his younger years but up till recently no. He really didn’t seem like a bad boy to me to begin with. His bad boy ways just seemed to be in his teens and early twenties.

Problem #3. I hated the repeat. This happened in the first book. The first part of the repeat is Dex saying he wants Eva like a fiend. The second part of the repeat is Eva being complete dumb kept asking what the hero wants and what is this that he speaks of. Hello he probably said it a thousand times.

Problem #4. Stop talking and just have sex already. I got bored on how much this dude talked about what he was going to do. I get it you want your cum in her but how about you shut up and just do it already.

It sucks to have my first DNF of the year but I couldn’t take anymore of this. It was so horrible. I will read the next book in the series but it that one turns out like this one or the first one I am out.




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