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Fracture by Callie Hart

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Blood & Roses #2
Rating:3 stars

Zeth Mayfair is pretty much the last thing I need in my life. And yet with every breath I take he becomes more engrained in every aspect of it:

He has a key to my house.

He knows where I work.

He dumped his strange, mentally traumatized housemate on my doorstep and has driven off into the sunset in search of my missing sister.

I want to forget him. Want to change the locks and blot out his face, scourge his very name from my memory. The problem is that I also need him. I need him more than I need air to breath, and I can’t be without him now.

He owns me.

He torments me.

He’s fractured me.

Review: This is the sequel to Deviant. While I wasn’t a big fan of Deviant I wanted to know more about what was going to happen next. I got all the books and will hopefully finish this series by the end of this month.

I liked this one better than the first one. Zeth and Sloane seem like they wouldn’t fit together but yet they do. A big secret was revealed about Lacey which I didn’t see coming. Explains a lot of why she is with Zeth. She does open up about her past a little bit but not much. The sex between Zeth and Sloane was better in this one. I wonder why Zeth doesn’t want Sloane to kiss him. I don’t know if I like the way Sloane does tend to give into Zeth.

The ending was a huge cliff hanger. Sort of pissed me off the way it ended. But luckily I have the third book and will begin reading it some time today.



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