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The Healing Power of Sugar by C.L. Stone

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 374

Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #9

Rating: 5 Luke Stars

Review: Our sugary goodness is here!

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Something is up with Luke. He keeps disappearing and not telling anyone where he is going. Volto is back and smarter than ever. One big problem. Someone messed with Sang’s schedule and she is now in detention. Mr. Hendricks is making a move but something stopped him.

The guys are trying to figure who Volto is, figure out what Hendricks is up to, and now figure out what is wrong with Luke. Sang now knowing the plan is doubting it but she does want it to work. She just feels selfish to ask any of the guys to stay and go with the plan. First thing she has to do is find out what Luke is up to.

I almost thought Luke was Volto. I forgot how much Stone made him a believable candidate. Rereading this series really makes me wish the new book was out.




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