Book Reviews

House of Korba by C.L. Stone

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 317

Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #7

Rating: 5 Silas stars

Review: My favorite Greek!!!


Silas by far is my favorite of the group. Okay that is a lie. I don’t have a favorite. I’m with Sang it is hard to choose.

We get to learn Silas’s past and about his family. We find out he has a brother named Theo and we meet Charlie his father. Silas isn’t close with his brother since they moved from Greece.

Sang needs Silas now more than ever but he also needs her more than she knows.

Volto seems on the loose again. With homecoming around the corner and more bomb threats being called, the guys are being stretched pretty thin. They do need a vacation.

Next book will be our favorite punk kid, Gabriel.


Book Reviews

Push and Shove by C.L. Stone

My Edition: Kindle
Pages: 481
Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #6
Rating: 5 Nathan Stars

Review: Yep that’s right this is Nathan’s book.


With Volto still on the loose and no one knowing who he is, the guys still trying not to talk Academy of the phone. Mr. Hendriex is up to something. The gang wants to know what. He seemed way to pleased that the guys know that they are being followed. He wants to know exactly who is where.

With this being Nathan’s book, of course it has to evolve around him. We find out about his dad. Nathan wants Sang and him to get their own place so they don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

It’s easier said then done. At the end of this book Nathan finds out the plan that Mr. Blackborne and North have in mind. He doesn’t seem all that into it. Victor is on board but Nathan doesn’t know.

Now on to my favorite Greek Silas.