Book Reviews

Drop of Doubt by C.L. Stone

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 396
Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #5
Rating: 5 Princess stars

Sang Sorenson and the Academy boys return to Ashley Waters High School but before they get a chance to settle in, Sang’s life is threatened by an anonymous caller.

They retreat to the protective walls of the Morgan estate, a safe house for when the boys are under fire. But when new threats can break thorugh those barriers that once kept them secure, it leaves Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North rushing to figure out who is hunting them.

But when you’re fighting a ghost who seems to know all your secrests, retreating  is no longer an option.

Review: *** Warning spoilers!!***

Victor’s book right here!!


Okay so I lied in my last review. Nathan’s book is next. But that’s alright because I love Nathan too.

With a new enemy at large, the gang are put to an ultimate test. Going off the electrical grid. Volto, the masked figure who is now stalking Sang, has infiltrated their phones. They can’t trust who they are talking to. Volto knows to much about the Academy to know how they work.

Even though this book is mostly pointing to Victor, I can’t help but find myself smiling when Sang is with Dr. Sean. He’s to damn adorable for his own good. (I can’t wait till his Meeting Sang story comes out.)

Also in this book we get the first glimpse of the three amigos. When a chapter is referenced like this we will know right away it is Sang, Luke, and Gabriel.  I do love my little mischief makers together.

The A report follow Victor at the end. Now On to Nathan’s book. I wish we knew more on Volto.


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