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Forgiveness and Permission by C.L. Stone

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 534
Series: The Academy: Ghost Bird #4
Rating: 5 North Shore stars

Review: This book is North’s book. His is the first of the guy focus books that C.L. has written and still writing.


With Sang’s mom in the hospital and her dad now MIA, Sang must figure out how to survive getting through the rest of the year. The threat of her mother is now out of the way Sang has bigger issues to deal with. His name is Mr. McCoy. He is the vice-principal of Ashley Waters. He also has a personal vendetta against Sang since the start of the year. I kind of picture him like this.


With a mixture of this.


Mr. McCoy is a real creep. Sang has been given orders to stay away and if needed to run. Now during this North is grumpier than usual. The closer he gets to Sang the more he is having an inner battle with himself. Sang tries to get to the bottom of what is going on with North while trying to hide from Mr. McCoy. Easier said then done.

I love North in this. Even though my all time favorite is Silas. Most people will either get turned off from this series with the A report at the end or they will fall in love even more. For me I fell in love even more.

Spoiler Alert!!!

I have a weakness when it comes to reverse harem. I love the topic in my Japanese mangas. Ouran High School Host Club being a favorite which C.L. Stone has said is one of her inspirations.


I am on to Victor’s book. Then after his, my favorite so far, Silas’s book.





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