Me being me!


Well December is here and I have a TON to read. I have a few library books that I need to read, along with many, and I do mean many, books of my own to read. Well for certain challenges that I have going on on Goodreads I sort of need some library books but I am trying to not to read to many library books because of my clean out challenge that I made.

Also with December it’s Christmas. Wy and I will be busy with decorating, reading (me), hunting (Wy), Christmas with both families. Let’s just say busy month. Another thing is I have a mandatory vacation week were I am off from the 24th-the 2nd of January.


I get one week to relax and get some reading done. I probably won’t be on here very much and will most likely have a ton of reviews when I get back but a week off is much needed.

Sadly on two of my challenges I had a book that turned into a DNF and won’t be able to be counted. I’m trying really hard not to DNF but sometimes you just have to pull that plug.

Along with reading, I will be doing a lot of writing. I am trying to fit a lot in this month but I will get it done. Hopefully. Any whooooo, if you see a challenge you want to participate feel free to either comment or message me and let me know. I can add you in.

Have a fantastic day, week, month