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Fight for Me by Bethany Bazil

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 401
Rating: 3.5 stars

I just needed someone to show me how to fight for me…

When tragedy hits Alexis Cole is shattered. She carries the blame on her shoulders after losing a big piece of herself. When Ryder Hayes sweeps back into her life, she has something to hold on to, but just as quickly as he appeared he was gone. When fate-or-meddling parents- throw them back together they can no longer deny the heat that’s burned between them for years.

Ryder has always wanted Lexi, but he’s never fought so hard against something in his life. Saving Lexi from her past was never on his agenda, but he could never bear letting her drown in it. With the UFC championship title on the line, the last thing he needs is to be distracted by Lexi. When she’s thrown back into his life he can no longer fight their attraction.

But once he claims her he knows he’ll never let go.

ReviewA dark-haried angel pulled me into her sea of grief, and i would have died before I let her drown in it.

Alexis (Lexi) Cole has known Ryder since she was thirteen and him sixteen. She had a crush the moment she saw him. Ryder knew the moment Lexi looked at him he was a goner. Two years after they met and became close friends, a family fight tore them apart. Then a few years after that Ryder came back in Lexi’s life after a tragedy hit home. Then he left for another three years. Meddling parents threw them back together. After fighting the connection they have, they finally decided to give in. But certain people and obstacles stand in their way.

He was cocky and arrogant in a way that aggravated me, but sexy and intriguing in a way that excited me.

I don’t know how I feel about this. There were parts I really liked and parts I didn’t like at all. The only thing I really like about Ryder is his pierced tally-wacker. Lexi was an alright character. She kind of pissed me off with the whole Jacob thing at fight night. Ryder pissed me off when he said goodbye to Leah. If I was Lexi I wouldn’t have forgiven him as easily.

Ryder is the typical dirty talking alpha male in most new adults. The drama in this wasn’t OTT. There was some drama I mean it is a NA book. There was a couple of times that Lexi took the time and talked to Ryder before jumping to conclusions and listen to whatever Jacob or Leah said.

I think another reason why I wasn’t fully invested in this was because I’ve been wanting to read a football romance, but I needed to get this one out of the way first. So my heart wasn’t fully in. I did have my feelers mess up a bit with the beginning. That hit me right in my cold ice heart. The sex scenes were pretty well done. I have read worst. Plus I started thinking what does a pierced tally-wacker feel like. I’m kind of curious.

I’ll give this author another chance since this was my first read by her. I think this is more of a me not feeling completely into the book than the book itself.