Book Reviews

Inked by Lauren Landish, Willow Winters

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Rating: 2.5 stars

One look, and panties drop. One night, and they’re ready to marry me.

Too bad I’m not interested in anything more than a taste.

Until I’m tempted by Little Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. She’s a good girl, the kind I want to possess, dominate, ruin. No one’s ever told me no, and I’m not about to let it stop me now. 

She keeps pushing me away, even with her curvy body pressed against mine and those soft moans spilling from her lips.

But I’m persistent. She doesn’t stand a chance. And now that she’s moved in next door, it’s only a matter of time before I’ll have her screaming my name.

She can try to run, but she’s not getting away from the bad boy next door.

***Inked is a full-length standalone romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger. Contains TWO bonus books. Relentless from Lauren Landish and Dirty Dom from Willow Winters. Also cantains a teaser from our next collaboration at the end!***

Review: Madeline (Maddy) doesn’t trust men to easily after she walked in on her high school sweetheart getting a b.j. from a girl she hates. So she is swearing off all men till she meets Zane.

Zane was at the club, downing a few shots trying to forget the day, when he sees Maddy. Instantly he wants her in his bed. He thinks she would be the perfect distraction.

Maddy though isn’t buying, even though she wants to she’s not. She makes a quick escape into the night, glad she would never see him again. Well until she finds out they are next door neighbors. She tries to ignore Zane but he is persistent and it doesn’t help that her best friend/roommate Katie is pushing her to get with Zane.

Zane really didn’t really strike me as a player. In the beginning he was at the club to unwind but not really to meet a girl. The guy sitting next to him sounded more like the kind of guy that the blurb described.

Maddy just annoyed me. I hate when girls get cheated on then they take all their trust issues out on other men who don’t deserve it. Just because one guy wronged you doesn’t mean the next guy will. Plus the fact that she has known Zane a short amount of time and they haven’t really had much of a relationship besides having great sex, she already think she loves him.


There was also a deal with the ‘mob’ but it wasn’t really played much. Yes it was part of the angst but it really didn’t flow. It just seemed like ‘oh I need to have the bad boy tied into something… Ah ha the mob.’ I just didn’t believe it. Plus the whole pushing Maddy up against a wall, when she doesn’t want to talk and trying to get away, pissed me off. Sometimes I like the alpha male coming in a flooding the panties but with Zane it just pissed me off. I couldn’t get myself to like him.

Maybe it was me. Maybe I read this wrong. I am going to try another book by these authors since it was the first time reading either of their work. This one though just didn’t do it for me.