Top 10

Top Ten Major Endings

Everyone has had these! Cliffhangers. Endings that made us think ‘It can’t end like this!’ This list is my very own major cliffhangers/ endings that made me want to scream, kick, cry, and throw my book across the room.

10. King by T.M. Frazier

This is the first installment of the King series. The way it ended left me shocked. I wanted to throw something. Luckily I found King when the first four books were out and I could get the next one in a hurry.

9. Forsaken by Laura Thalassa

Boy did I cry at the end of this one. My heart just couldn’t take it.

8. The Devil’s Prayer by Luke Gracias

I am hoping there is another book after this one. This left on a cliffhanger. If there is another book I need it like yesterday.

7. Paper Princess by Erin Watt

The way this ended made me so mad. I wanted to jump through the book and slap the shit out of someone.

6. Broken Promise by Jen Wylie

Yeah I’m still waiting on the next one which hasn’t even come out yet and it’s been two years. Wylie ended it with Aro and Kai… I need this next book dagnabit.

5. First Kiss by C.L. Stone

With Sang’s dad calling and wanting his daughter, I was on the edge of my seat. To bad it was the end of the book and the next one is suppose to be out this December.

4. Project: Killer by J.L. Beck

When I read what had happen the the heroine and what her secret was I was dying to get to the next book.

3. Life’s Blood by Kailin Gow

The ending with this had my heart ripped to shreds. I wanted her to be with him be he can’t be with her because of a-hole.

2.Accessory by C.L. Stone

Kayli and Blake were knocked off the boat by someone we don’t know. The rest of the team is still on the boat.

1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Okay who didn’t cry at the end of this one. I mean really. This was the saddest ending in all of the Harry Potters. The next book has the most sad moments but doesn’t end sad unlike this one.


What is the book that comes to your mind when you think about it’s ending?

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