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The Slave by Kate Aaron

My edition: Owned
Series:Free Men #1
Rating: 3 stars

Freedom is only an illusion.

At twenty-seven, Tamelik has been a slave more than half his life. Submissive by nature, he can’t help but fall in love with the master who treats him kindly.

When the mistress walks out, Tam dares to hope his love will be enough.

Then he’s ordered to purchase another slace.

He wants to hate Kai for being unruly and ungrateful. For being of the same race as the men who murdered his family. For being his eventual replacement in their master’s bed. But it’s hard to hate a man who cries himself to sleep, flinches at the slightest touch, and blushes beautifully when he’s kissed.

Review: So this is my second series of M/M.

Tam has lived half of his life with the Master. He hasn’t known anything else but the Master’s kindness. One day the Master has Tam go in his place to bid on a new slave. Tam rejects most of the slaves that were brought in front of him and a group of lords. When Kai comes up, Tam knows his future will be bad because he was a soldier. Tam also knows that Kai is to old to be tamed. Feeling the need to, Tam purchase him.

Kai doesn’t like that he was bought as a pleasure slave. He hates it. Tam thinks Kai should be grateful that he was saved from an even more horrible fate. Unlike Tam, Kai has known of being a soldier, which Tam likes to point out that wasn’t much different from being a slave. Taking orders, doing what are told to do even though you don’t want to do it, Tam tries to show that to Kai.

The Master is all that Tam loves. He wants to please the Master no matter what, even when the Master starts to hint that Tam and Kai should be together.

Kai was adorable to me. I love how he started getting more protective of Tam. Even at the times he seemed to challenge the Master, he seemed to want to go alpha but he knew where Tam’s heart was but it didn’t seem to stop him.

Tam and Kai’s relationship was so damn cute. (Mostly due to Kai.) I wasn’t a big fan of Tam. I felt like he was a whiny teenager. I love this story and will continue on with the next book, The Soldier.



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