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Enchanting the King by E.D. Walker

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 205
Series:Beauty’s Beast #1
Rating: 3 stars

For a century, the nations of Jerdun and Lyond have been at each other’s throats. Princess Aliénor is a proud woman of Jerdun, and King Thomas of Lyond should have been her hated enemy. Yet from her first meeting with the foreign king, she cannot deny the tender connection between them. After a brutal ambush leaves them stranded in a strange land together, the two decide to face the many perils of the journey back home united. But as suspicious allies only-love is out of the question.

When danger strikes at them on the road, Aliénor immediately regrets hiding her feelings. A sorceress with plans to make herself Queen of Lyond captures their group and lays a hideous curse on Thomas, damning the brave king to an eternal, bitter sleep. If the spell is not broken, if Thomas is not woken in time, the king will fall into madness. Frightened and alone, Aliénor must fight free from her wicked captor, for herself and the sleeping king. Only then does she have a chance of breaking the curse.

Yet even if she does save Thomas, how can love conquer the bitter feud between their nations? How can she betray her homeland, even to be with the man she loves?

Review: This was not what I had expected. I don’t know what to expect from this but it wasn’t this. In a good way though.

Aliénor is traveling with her husband Prince Philippe to visit her cousin. The party comes across the reaments of an ambush. Alénor finds one survivor there, King Thomas.

I didn’t like this story but I didn’t hate it either. I was meh about this. The story just didn’t captivate me and at the end I was pretty much “That’s it?” I would have like to seen them get married and have to deal with both countries like it said in the blurb.

The blurb made this seem like it was more exciting that what it really was. Well on to the next book.