Challenge: Thankfulness 2016

Here in the USA we celebrate Thanksgiving. What my family use to do was before desert we would go around the table and say what we were thankful of during the year. I decided to make a challenge around this aspect.


  1. Books must be read between November 1st- 30th
  2. Books must be 100 pages.
  3. No poetry/graphic novels/mangas
  4. Books must fit under Catergory/Description


  • One point for every book under 300 pages.
  • Two points for every book over 300 pages.
  • One point for Description
  • Two points for every Category completed
  • Five points for all Categories completed.



  • Read a book that is centered around one family
  • Read a book about a brother and a sister.
  • Read a book about brothers
  • Read a book about sisters.
  • Read a book tagged as fantasy. – Forest Fire by Tenaya Jayne


  • Read a romance.
  • Read a historical romance.
  • Read a book about marriage.
  • Read an LBGT book.
  • Read a book tagged as Chick Lit.


  • Read a book about friendship
  • Read a book about making friends
  • Read a book tagged as “funny” or “humor”.
  • Read a book about a group of friends.


  • Read a cookbook
  • Read a book about a baker.
  • Read a book about a cook.



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