Me being me!


Hey yall,


What is going on? Hope everyone is having a great week. I have had a busy week.

Hope everyone’s reading is going well. I just finished two books this week. YAY! One I wasn’t a big fan of and the other was good but not spooky or scary. I am still reading IT by Stephen King so my luck may change and I will have a scary book this month. Have you read anything scary this month?

With Halloween being Monday, which is normally my busiest day I thought to make my Halloween post today. Halloween on a Monday…


No crazy costume parties on the actual day. But that’s alright we still have this weekend. But who is going to break out those classic horror movies for Monday and binge watch?


If any one is wondering I am going as a referee. What are you going as?

Be safe!

P.S. For those who live in the USA area of the world, BEWARE OF CLOWNS!




4 thoughts on “Halloween!!!”

  1. I’m going either as Wednesday Addams or if I can get the stuff to make it before Monday, I’m going as Rey from Star Wars: the Force Awakens to match up with my Nephew’s storm trooper costume!

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  2. Ohh I like Rey. Hope you can get all the stuff you need. I wanted to go as something simple this year. Last year I went as Katniss in Catching Fire games.


  3. A referee is a good idea! I’m not big on dressing up, so I need to work out something easy. I better start finding my Halloween movies, I keep forgetting it’s so soon!

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  4. Hope you find something. I am looking for mine when I get off of work. I chose referee because all I needed to do was get a black hat, a yellow “flag” and a black and white stripped shirt. I have black leggings and black tennis shoes that I can match up with it. Completely and totally simple.

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