Book Reviews

Behind the Wooden Door by Emily Godwin

My Edition: Owned (Kindle)
Pages: 156
Rating:2.5 stars

When an army of soldiers marches through her castle doors, Princess Lanie is plagued with thoughts of blood, death, and sorrow. War is something she never fathomed happening in her lifetime. Falling in love with the army’s commander, Tristan, wasn’t part of the plan either. He’s smart-mouthed, arrogant, and everything her tyrant father would disapprove of. After all, Tristan’s place is on the battlefield, not a thron.

After the kingdom’s fortune teller predicts a deadly outcome, Lanie knows her secret romance is an execution waiting to happen. She has to do something- fast- because the war path has redirected toward her.

Review: Lanium (Lanie) is the princess of Rattonim. Tristan is a leader of his own army. Lanie’s father has called upon Tristan for his help with a war. A war that Lanie’s cousin has started.

I am not a big fan of this one it was very boring. I really couldn’t connect with the characters. Lanie and Tristan’s love came out of no where. It wasn’t all that believable. The end wasn’t great either. This book seemed a bit rushed and could use a little more adding to.

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