Book Reviews

Ugly Beautiful by Sean-Paul Thomas

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 200
Rating: 2 stars

‘Contains some Scottish dialect, strong language and Graphic scenes of violence in parts.’

A Scottish gangster with a tormented past, goes on the run after an earth shattering tragedy that rips his world apart. Running for his life he disappears into the heart of the gorgeous Scottish highlands to lay low in a secluded cottage before plotting his next move.

But when he discovers the body of a beautiful young amnesiac woman lying unconscious near his hideaway retreat, things take a chilling turn for the worst, especially when he tries to coax the mysterious beauty into unraveling her own forgotten past, unaware of the sickening acts of terror which are about to be unleashed.

Review***Warning: Spoiler Alert!!!***

When I first started this book I was confused. It was also hard for me to follow what some of the Gary people were saying because it was written in a thick Scottish dialect. Our hero Jason ends up coming home to surprise his wife, only to find her in bed with his father. Jason ends up killing both in a blind rage.

He leaves town for his secluded cottage that his uncle had left him. On his way up he spots a beautiful blonde hitchhiker. He pulls over for her but as she starts for his car he drives away. After a couple days Jason finds a woman on a morning run. He takes the woman back to his cottage. She wakes up with no memory of who she is.

Over the next couple days Jason and as he named her, Haley start falling for each other. They decide that they are going to get away from the highlands and start a new life. When passing a farm house Haley starts to feel something. Jason notices and decides to take her to the farm house to see if she can remember anything.

Haley remembers something alright. She remembers she has a twin sister who is a psychopath. Her sister ends up tying Jason up and torturing him. Jason though isn’t alone. His old pal Gary is there. Gary though has the worst end of the torture.

Throughout this time we don’t know where Haley is, she had just disappeared. One time when Jason is coming to he sees Haley. She really is there. Her sister is sleeping and she was able to visit Jason. When Jason says they can run for it, Haley knows she can never get away from her sister. No matter what.

In this case she is right. Haley has a split personality. She is herself and her sister. When she was younger her father shut her and her real twin sister in the basement. He wouldn’t let them out until one of them ends the other. Haley’s sister won that battle, but since they were so close Haley’s sister allowed some of Haley to live inside of her. Haley’s sister was then taught how to kill. The dad started her off with animals then moved her up to humans. Her torture was getting worse with each victim. Haley wasn’t having anymore and she fought with her sister. She ran and ran until she fell down of exhaustion. When she came to well that is how the story began.

Jason talks Haley into letting him go. She does with hope that Jason can help her get rid of her twin sister.

I won’t give the end away. What I have told you so far is up to 57% of the book. I thought it was weird. I fully didn’t understand what was happening at times. This story did have potential. It started out slow then it went by really fast. I didn’t believe the love between the Jason and Haley. It seem all to insta-love but not believable. The end was dull.