Challenge: Spooktober

In this Halloween-themed challenge,  read books that fit into for categories based off of different supernatural beings. There is no limit to how many books can be read from each category, and may read books from one category, all categories, or a combination of categories.


  1. Books must be read and reviewed from October 1-31st to count.
  2. Books must be at least 100 pages long to count.
  3. Books in verse or poetry will count for 1/4 of the page count listed. That is if a book is 200 pages long, it will count for 50 pages.
  4. Graphic novels/manga don’t count for the challenge.
  5. Read as many books to any category.


  • One point per book read and reviewed under 400 pages
  • two points per book read and reviewed over 400 pages



  • A book with the word Magic, Hex, or Curse in the title
  • A book about Witches
  • A book about magic
  • A book classed as fantasy  1 book
  • A book with a cat, crow, or raven on the cover
  • A book with a black cover 1 book


  • A book with a white cover
  • A book about ghosts
  • A book classed as spooky or horror  2 books
  • A book taking place in a haunted mansion/house/building
  • A book classed as paranormal 1 book
  • A book set in a graveyard/ with a graveyard on the cover.


  • A book with a coffin on the cover
  • A book with blood on the cover
  • A book with a mirror on the cover
  • A book about vampires
  • A book classed as supernatural  1 book
  • A book about immortality


  • A book with a wolf on the cover
  • A book labeled mythology
  • A book classed science fiction
  • A book with a silver cover/title
  • A book with a moon on the cover.
  • A book about werewolves


8 points