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Redeeming Rhys by Mary E. Palmerin

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 160
Series: Stand-Alone (So far)

Are people born pure?

Is evil learned, or is it birthed into one’s soul, like a fallen angel who was previously par of graciousness?

Rhys is decayed, black, and bad. He cut distortion out of his life years before, but he let her live; his only way to gain redemption once more.

As his sinful needs blanket him with dread, he seeks penance from the soul he saw as a second chance.

Is absolution too late for Rhys?

**Warning, dark scenes depicted heavily throughout this novel. Read the Author’s disclaimer carefully before proceeding with this title.**

Review: One, two, Bad Boy is coming for you. Three, four, Little Girl it’s too late to lock your door. Five, six, Bad Boy is about to show you sick. Seven, eight, Bad Boy is gonna filet you like steak. Nine, ten, never see Momma or Daddy again.


What the hell did I just read?


Rhys is wanting absolution for his sins. The only one to give it to him is Wren. When Rhys was a little boy, he use to be beaten by his step-father. Everyday he was told he was a bad boy and that he needed to repent for his sins. One day he finally snapped.

Ten years later Rhys wants to find the one he let get away, Wren. Rhys is pretty messed up in the head. But so is Wren. Wren is Rhys step sister that he let live after he killed both of their parents.

I DNF this book at 83%. It was too dark for me and I couldn’t go on. This book made me physical and mental and emotional ill. I just couldn’t finish it.