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#Rev by Cambria Hebert

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Series: GearShark #2
Rating: 5 adorable stars

Trent Mask puts the REV in revolution.
A line has been drawn.
Indie vs Pro
Here at GearShark, we’re straddling that line to bring you exclusive coverage of what some have dubbed the war of racing.
Every war starts with a spark and ends in revolution.
Drew Forrester was the spark,
but his second-in-command is the REVolution.
What does it take to stand brave in the face of opposistion?
Resolve of steel…
Stubborn will…
And a heart that refuses to give up.
It’s about shattering labels and taking risks.
So we asked Trent Mask: Truth or Dare?
His answer?
Check out the full feature article inside…

Review: Love is in the details. It’s in the everyday. It’s the way you treat someone when they aren’t even looking and the way they fill your head when you’re apart.

This starts off where the first book ended. Drew, Romeo, and Braeden want revenge for what happened to Trent. They all come up with a plan to get the four Omega brothers back. Along with revenge Drew and Trent have to face many other difficult obstacles. They have to face coming out to their family and the world. They are tired of sneaking around and want everyone to know they are in love. Only problem they face is the hate and uncertainty of what their family and friends think. Luckily their true family we find out at the end of the first book loves them no matter what. (Plus they kind of knew already.)

“Just remember, all flags tremble in the wind, but they still keep flying.”-Romeo

I love Trent and Drew. They are so perfect together. It makes me sort of sad that the next book isn’t about them. I want more of Trew. No I need more!!! Please say there are going to be more books in this series so I can get more of Trew.

Intimacy didn’t come necessarily from the act of sex. It came from the way you treated the act, the way you approached it, and the way the person you were with cherished your body.

P.S. Drew is one sexy alpha male.

Drew and I were stronger together. I was stronger with him than I would ever be apart. He gave me strength. I gained courage from his love.

If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels, too.

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