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Movie Review: Sausage Party starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Johan Hill, and Many Big Actors

Movie Synopsis 

A bunch of food are waiting in a grocery store to be picked by humans or as they call them “the Gods”. Beyond the grocery store’s doors is called the Great Beyond. All of the food want to go to the Great Beyond. They also live by certain rules that they think if they break the Gods will punish them. Our main hero is Frank (Rogen) and his journey trying to get to the Great Beyond.


My Opinion

download (1)(Just my face through most of the movie)

Last night I went on a double date with Wy our friend Ryan and his girlfriend. The boys suggested we go see Sausage Party. I knew once I heard Seth Rogen’s name that this was not going to be a kid friendly cartoon. I mean look at the movie poster. I have seen many of Rogen’s films and not bat one eye. This one however. WOW! I knew from the trailer that it was going to be raunchy and I thought this is going to have a lot of sexual innuendos. No they took it to a whole new level.

If you are going to watch this here are a few guidelines that must be in order before you can watch it.


  1. Do not think this is going to be politically correct. It’s not.
  2. Do not have any children near by. This will even be too much for you.
  3. Do not be easily offended. There is a lot of messed up shit.
  4. Do not I repeat DO NOT think they won’t cross the line with anything. Because they don’t cross they line. They ran 25 miles from that line.

My mind is now tainted. There wasn’t any sexual innuendos. There was sex. I will ruin the end for you. The last ten minutes is full on Food Porn. I will never ever look at a bagel, hot dog, hot dog buns, or a taco the same ever again.

On the ride home which is an hour away from the closest movie theater, Wy and I kept trying to wrap our heads around the food fuckery we have just witnessed. ¬†To be truthful I still can’t get over the fact of that movie. it was horrible. It was funny. But it will be only a one time watch for me.

Rating: I have no f*cking clue.