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Barbarian Mine by Ruby Dixon

My edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 247

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians

Rating: 3 stars

Review: So our barbarian is actually barbarian. He doesn’t live with the tribe so Ruhk is an alien we haven’t met before. In the last book Harlow is knocked on her head. We don’t know what happened to her. She has been missing.

Well now we find out through her story and Ruhk what had happened. Ruhk has been on his own since he was young. He doesn’t even understand his own language. He comes across Harlow. He even clubs her on the head and takes her back to his cave. He doesn’t understand why his chest along with hers is thrumming.

Harlow wakes up to a naked alien who she hasn’t seen before yet looks familiar. She then hears the resonance in her chest. She knows that this brute of an alien is her mate. It takes a while but she helps him learn words again. She doesn’t know why but Ruhk doesn’t like the other tribe.

But when Harlow gets sick, Ruhk needs to make the decision to accept the tribe’s help or loose his mate along with is kit forever.

This was a cute story. Wasn’t really much of a plot like the first and third book. Ruhk was adorable with his caveman self. I couldn’t help but laugh when he whacked Harlow on the head then took her back to his cave.

I guess I’ll go on into the next one.

Book Reviews

King by T.M. Frazier

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 302

Series: King #1

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Homeless. Hungry. Desperate.

Does has no memories of who she is or where she comes from.

A notorious career criminal just released from prison, King is someone you don’t want to cross unless you’re prepared to pa him back is blood, sweat, pu$$y or a combination of all three. 

King’s Future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, consensual and nonconsensual sex, drug us, abuse, and other taboo subjects and adult subject matter. Although orginally slated to be a standalone, KING is now a two part series.

Rating: 5 PREPPY stars

Review: So I will start off by saying that ending is a fucking asshole. I really hate cliffhangers. Especially ones like that. It broke my heart.

This book… how to explain… AH!!!


My heart before book. It was as normal as ever. Well started reading the book, I was fine until a certain chapter that I will not mention due to a huge spoiler. After that chapter my heart turned into this…


It shattered.


I actually cried too. Wy looked at me weird as always. I felt for these characters. While most people fell in love with King, I fell hopelessly for Preppy. Bear was alright.


This book had me in a swirl of emotions. I had to put the book down and get a good ugly cry in. Yes I do mean ugly cry. The kind most girls are doing at the end of the Notebook. (Or if you’re me at the end of Lone Survivor.) Then when I picked it up I noticed I was 93% done. I had a feeling that this was going to hurt even more. Turns out that it didn’t. It made me mad as hell. That ending. Gah!! I want to punch, kick, and scream. All at the same time.

Lucky for me this series is on KU and now I have Tyrant. Even though I want Doe and King and Bear I can’t help but feel sad. I want to go back before that awful party. I want to see the happy times again. When Preppy was making pancakes and perverted jokes. When Bear tried to pick up Doe and King gets all alpha male on her.

Hopefully in Tyrant it will be a happy ending because I need one dammit.