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Discussion: Age Gap in books

Hey Yall

One thing I have been coming across lately in books is an age gap. Some people aren’t for it. Well I’m not one of them. I really don’t mind an age gap. Well not fully true. As long as the girl is legal I don’t care about an age gap. Now a certain book *cough*Lolita *cough* is an example of an age gap I am NOT okay with.


With an age gap I don’t see a big deal on it. I really don’t. If someone likes an older man fine. Whatever floats your boat on the moat with a goat. Sorry I really don’t know where that was going. Anyhoo. Now if they guy is like in his 50s and she’s like 18 then I get a little grossed out. A perfect example is Owning Her Innocence by Alexa Riley. That severally grossed me out. It also happens to be a DD/lg. For those that don’t know that means Daddy Dom and Little girl. Yeah gross!! Wish I knew that before I read the book.

I can’t judge on the whole age gap due to my experience when I just turned 18. I had a crush on one of my brother’s drinking buddies. Well turns out the guy was into me as well but he was waiting till I turned 18. He is seven years older than me. We had a summer fling before I moved to Kansas. If I had to think now on age while I’m 23 he would be 30. I still don’t care. You love who you love.

But it didn’t last long. I still had one year of high school left and I don’t know what he went off to do.┬áSo I don’t find many age gaps to be a problem. A lot of the times I love the age gaps. Mostly in my smut books.