Book Reviews

Barbarian Lover by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 191

Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #3

Rating: 3 stars

Review: We have a plot again. YAY!!! There wasn’t as much sexy time as there was in the last book. Which I’m alright with that. Now on to our M.C.s.

Aehako is the most adorable character in this series. From his courting gift *snort* to his charming flirtation, I just couldn’t help but smile. The way he want to keep Kira even though he didn’t resonate with her was just a stab in my ice heart. STOP MAKING IT WARM UP! That gives me feels.

Kira can we say LIGHTEN THE HELL UP!! Can we have a more depressed heroine. I understand why you are sad but a hunk, blue, horned, avatar looking alien (At least in my head) is wanting you. Yeah it will suck if he resonates with someone else but jeez get some excitement out of it.

Now I want to explain the little plot in this but I can’t or it will ruin the whole thing. By the way what happened to Harlow??? Next book maybe….


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