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Barbarian Alien by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited


Series: Ice Plant Barbarians #2

Rating: 2.5 smutty stars

Review: As much as I loved Raahosh I didn’t full like Liz. I thought I was but she wasn’t as funny as in the first book. The reason I love Raahosh is because I love a scarred MC. Not only that but the way he dealt with Liz is hilarious. For the first couple days or week he doesn’t talk to her. He just lets her talk to herself.

Now unlike the first book this one really didn’t have a plot. Just a lot of alien sex and fighting over if Liz can go hunting. I did get a good laugh when a baby furry alien came up on Liz and she called it an Ewok. Don’t know why I got a kick out of it but I did.

I like the little references to Star Wars. In both books Dixon has several references to the famous sci-fi movies. The good ones though. The original trilogy that came out before I was born or even thought of.

I will give the third book a read. If it doesn’t have much of a plot I don’t know if I will continue reading this series.