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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited


Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #1


Rating:4 smexy stars

Review: I’m starting to like this Dixon. She can write.

First things first, the aliens that kidnapped Georgie (Why is it every time I hear that name I think of  It? I pictured the little green aliens off of Toy Story.


With their guards looking something like this…


Only more rapey and less smiling face.

Then when she ran into Valtek I kept picturing an avatar.


I mean that is a sexy alien right there. Oh did I mention that this alien had Mark Wahlberg’s face on it. Yeah good luck getting that out of your mind.

I like what Ruby did. It was new for me to read something like this. Most of the alien books I have read the aliens look like humans only they have more powers. I like the flow of the story. It actually had some what of a plot to it than most smut books that I have read.

I would say that I would continue on with this story. Next up Liz and Raahosh.




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