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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited


Series: Ice Planet Barbarians #1


Rating:4 smexy stars

Review: I’m starting to like this Dixon. She can write.

First things first, the aliens that kidnapped Georgie (Why is it every time I hear that name I think of  It? I pictured the little green aliens off of Toy Story.


With their guards looking something like this…


Only more rapey and less smiling face.

Then when she ran into Valtek I kept picturing an avatar.


I mean that is a sexy alien right there. Oh did I mention that this alien had Mark Wahlberg’s face on it. Yeah good luck getting that out of your mind.

I like what Ruby did. It was new for me to read something like this. Most of the alien books I have read the aliens look like humans only they have more powers. I like the flow of the story. It actually had some what of a plot to it than most smut books that I have read.

I would say that I would continue on with this story. Next up Liz and Raahosh.


Book Reviews

Ghost Riders MC by Alexa Riley

My Editions: Kindle Unlimited

Series:Ghost Riders MC 1-5

Overall Rating: 3 stars

Review: Yes another series bundled together in a review. When I read a series of Novellas like this it is better to write it out like this.

Of course as always I have to put this.

maxresdefault (1)

Pulling Her Trigger

Pages: 83

Rating: 2.5

Casper was a sniper in the Air Force. After her and a bunch of guys she was on a mission with settle down stateside, she joins the Ghost Riders MC, along with the guys she services with. Pres (Lucias) dad was the president when he was growing up. He then took over when his dad died letting in his brothers in arms.

Vincent is in the FBI looking in on a case of missing guns from the Ghost Riders MC. From the moment he saw Casper’s picture he new he had to have her.

I wasn’t much for Casper in this. Plus Vincent didn’t get anything running. She was to alpha and he was to submissive for me.

Beauty and the Biker

Pages: 112

Rating: 2

I wasn’t a fan of this one either. Savage (Abe) and Julie meet right before the mission as mention in first review. They had a wonderful month together before Savage had to ship out. After that everything was just… yeah. I understand Savage was dealing with PTSD but they way he was handling it was just irritating. Julie was also to easy to forgive Savage and what he’s done. Granted this is an AR novella but still.

I didn’t like how they along with Casper and Vincent just have sex in front of everyone. Not for me.

Letting Her Lead

Pages: 95

Rating: 3.5

Yeah for a nerd heroine!!! Yay for an alpha hero!!! I finally liked one of these. The main reason I kept reading was because it’s AR. If this book was going to get a 2 star from me I was going to call quits on the whole series. Luckily Lucais and Izzy walked in.

Izzy has to be my favorite out of the heroines so far. Not that she has a lot of competition. I hope the next book is Scribe who we got a hint at that he’s a nerd!!! And he’s also a former Marine!!! Panties dropped.

Pulling His Trigger


Rating 2 stars

This one was a filler of Casper and Vincent. I could care less about it but a certain thing that is going to happen in the next book needed an introduction. This book is practically that. Why I see it as a blah don’t want to read, I need to read it so Scribe’s book can be introduced.

Riding Him


Rating:3 stars


Scribe can I ride you face for a full night? He is one of my favorites. I am in love. He has made it to the book boyfriends. All I can think is running my hands through his beard. Violet was alright. She is a better character than Casper but still not a huge fan. She is Vincent’s little sister though and I tried not to hold it against her. She kind of lost me when she kneed Scribe in the nuts.

Even though she did that he still wants her. Then when they are camping he eats her out all night long.