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Review: The Forsaken by Laura Thalassa

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 254

Series: The Unearthly #4

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Since her Awakening, seventeen-year-old Gabrielle Fiori has known the devil wants her as his own, and that when she dies, he’ll finally lay his claim. Evading death should be easy. But when a prophecy linking her to the lord of the underworld is leaked, supernaturals- both good and bad- come together for one purpose: to kill her, the girl they believe is the anti-Christ.

Andre de Leon, Gabrielle’s soulmate and the kind of vampires, will do anything to save her from a fate that’s been predestined for thousands of years. Even if that means killing. Even if that means dying.

But Gabrielle harbors a secret: death is only a matter of time. The magic that flows through her veins, changing her from human to vampire, is killing her. Her heart is slowing, her lungs strain for breath, her body sickens. The world has forsaken her, and unless fate can save her, she’ll be damned to hell and the devil that waits for her.

And this time, it’ll be for good.

Rating: 5 stars

Review: How do I feel after this book, hmmm I don’t know let’s see.





Yeah, I’m destroyed. I was such a crying mess last night. Thalassa took a feelings spear and stabbed it right into my heart. I cried a lot. The of course Wy has the audacity to say “Maybe you shouldn’t read and you won’t cry.”


Yeah he got cut off for a week on that one. He’ll be lucky if I want to kiss him. Okay I won’t go that far but no sex for that comment.

While this book’s ending, well look above again… there were funny moments that I love. The author knows that in serious times have a comic relief.

Furs? My eyes darted to the fluffy white fleece. Mary had a little lamb… then Andre got a hold of it.

While there were mostly serious situations she threw in few comic reliefs. There were many times that I laughed out loud due to Oliver. I love my little ironic fairy.He’s the best.

Gabrielle is racing against time to find a way to stay on earth with Andre and not be married off to the devil. They go all over Europe to find a way. The obstacles they face leave no hope that Gabrielle can be saved. Also searching for an answer they are being hunted by both good guys and bad guys.

The ending. I won’t spoil it but it is completely heart wrenching. My heart broke. The ice literal (okay figuratively) cracked and fell into a pile of little pieces. Caleb… What…The…Hell!!! Oliver, Leanne, and Andre my heart bleeds for you. Gabrielle, you are a village idiot.

I have one last book in this series. I’m excited and scared to read it. I know it will more than likely be a bittersweet ending. I love the way it ended but I hate that it ended. I hope it is. Andre and Gabrielle deserve a HEA dammit.