Book Reviews

The Perfect Cast by T.K. Chapin

My edition: Kindle (Own)

Pages: 266

Series: Love’s Enduring Promise #1

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

Meeting him was fate, loving him was choice, and spending the res of my life with him… well that was destiny.”

At the brink of adulthood Jess thought she had it all figured out, that was until her parents split and her mom whisked her away to the middle of nowhere. Her Grandpa’s farm was the place on earth she wanted to be, and with no cell phones, internet or cable she was destined for a summer of boredom.

Man of Her Dreams. Clint Foster, the man who has everything going for him. Successful, charming and downright gorgeous; Clint’s the man she can see a future with. The only problem is her Grandpa’s farmhand Levi keeps getting in her way.

Trading rock concerts for chicken coops and sneakers for cowboy boots; join Jess as she finds love in the unexpected places


Review: Each of us has moments of impact in life. Sometimes it’s in the form of love, and sometimes in the form of sadness. It is in these times that our world changes forever. They shape us, they define us, and they transform us from the people we once were into the people we now are.

My first thought of Jess was that she was a major brat. She is self adsorbed, doesn’t care about anyone, teenager. She cares what she looks like and she would rather be any where but stuck in the middle of no where.

Even though I don’t like Jess, she kind of is the perfect character that some teenagers are like when they find out that their parents are splitting. Most parents try to shelter their kids as much as possible then when a divorce happens some kids retract into their shell, some stay the same, and others act like Jess does. She is mad at her mom and grandpa because her mom left her dad.

But other than that I totally wanted to b*tch slap her. The book was told between different P.O.V.s, Jess, Roy, and Levi. Between Levi and Jess there was to much going back and forth. Like Jess wants Clint, then all of the sudden she wants Levi then back to Clint. Makes no sense what so ever.

When I read the blurb I thought this was going to be a love story between Levi and Jess over a summer. Most of the summer Levi was in Nashville and Jess was with Clint. Not really a love story there. It was kind of hard to connect the two characters together when there wasn’t very much experience with them. I feel like I didn’t get what I thought I was going to get. The blurb made it sound way different than what I had read. We really didn’t get much of a love story with Jess and Clint. This story has potential but I think that it could have been a bit longer and more of a love story for Jess and which ever guy she ended up with. I had zero connection with any of the characters.

By the way parents, please tell your kids the truth so they can be pissed off at the right person.


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