Me being me!

Weekly Memos

Boy is it busy this month. I may or may not have bitten off more than I can chew. We’ll see at the end of the month. It is a whole new month today so big fresh start.

Weekly Goals

  • Start Wild Swan
  • Start The Cursed
  • Write Review for The Coveted
  • Choose a July best month read.

Challenge Discussion

One of my challenges is a Finish What You Started. I have several series that I need to finish. This challenge helps me with that. What was chosen for the challenge is the series Timeless Fairy Tales.

These are retelling of the classic Fairy Tales we grew up with. My favorite fairy tale is Beauty and the Beast. It shows that it matters what is on the person’ s inside than outside. My least favorite is Cinderella. Why? Hello the prince was a moron. A guy who talks to her for most of the night but forgets her face, her height, the color of hair, and her voice. He seriously need a shoe to help him out with the woman of his “dreams”. Good this Cinderella had abnormally small feet.

What is your favorite and least favorite? I wanna know.

Book Reviews

Review: The Coveted by Laura Thalassa

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited

Pages: 312

Series: The Unearthly #2

Rating:4.5 stars

Synopsis: Off of Goodreads

‘In places that know more about heaven and hell than we do, you have a reputation,
Gabrielle. To them you are known as the devil’s consort.’

When a body shows up near Peel Academy, all signs indicate the killer is a vampire. Ravaged throat, body drained of blood. at least that’s all it appears to be when the Politia, the supernatural police force, assigns Gabrielle to the case. Now it’s Gabrielle’s job to figure out who did it.

But after a second body turns up with the same lethal wounds, it’s clear that a serial killer is stalking the island. The murders have compromised the truce between the Politia and vampires, and as long as the killer roams free, it is in danger of dissolving. If that happens, no vampire is safe from persecution, not even Gabrielle.

Now Gabrielle must team up with Andre, her soulmate and the one person she’s tried to stay away from, to investigate the murders before the truce dissolves. and keeping her distance is proving to be impossible.

but Gabrielle has a bigger problem. The world of the dead know about her, and their whispers hint that something is coming for her. and it’s coming soon.”

Review: I read the first book when I was on my vacation. I ate it up fast too. I loved the humor and the plot line was refreshing. Now I have finished off a few books that I needed to review and can get to this. I finished this on the last day of July. I’ve had to mull this over before I could start to write anything on it.

Oliver and Leanne are the best friends anyone can have. Andre is the sexiest boyfriend ever, even for a vampire. The devil is the scariest guy you want to have a crush on you.

Gabrielle is having to solve murders of three different victims. They all look like a vampire committed them. Fingers are pointed at Gabrielle but she didn’t commit them. She has to turn to Andre who she can no longer stay away from with him being her soulmate and all.

One thing she knows is the devil is after her. Why? Well I can’t say.

This one had me just like the first one. Oliver was still funny as ever and remaining as my favorite in the series. The devil was a major creeper.

I really need to stop reading books about or has the devil in them. I’m starting to have weird dreams and I don’t like them. At all. But this series is so addicting. Good thing it is on KU!