Me being me!

Flashback Friday

Since I tend to not be on my blog Saturday and Sunday I will do a weekly flashback on Friday. So far with this being the end of July I haven’t read much. I had a very blah month. I didn’t read much. Here lately I have started to pick my old habit back up again and feeling much better.

Weekly Goals

  • Start Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Finish Phantom of the Opera
  • Start Dracula
  • Make posts for challenges and post them
  • Finish writing review for Harry Potter and Chamber of secrets
  • Finish July Challenges

Overall Report

I did get almost everything crossed off. I decided to put off Dracula till October for my Halloween monster/horror/thriller month. I decided to put off rereading Harry Potter due to needing to catch up with a few things. I will finish a reread throughout the year. I don’t know when though.

I was only going to do two August challenges but I thought I would do a couple more and really challenge myself.

I will see all of you beauties next week. Have a great weekend.