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Review: Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

My edition: kindle

Pages: 188

Series: Stand-Alone

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Ah a classic title. Many people know Phantom of the Opera even though some have never read, seen, or heard it. I am the geek that has the Broadway and the movie (2004 version) soundtrack downloaded.

S4_article_Phantom_ofthe_Opera Some people might think of this when the Phantom comes to mind.

This is the Phantom is from the 1925 version staring Lon Chaney. (Also one of my favorites) Christine Daae was played by Mary Philbin.



THE-PHANTOM-OF-THE-OPERA-1-Cooper-Grodin-and-Julia-Udine-photo-by-Matthew-Murphy-5135.jpg Some may know it off of the famous Broadway. We know the famous cast of the Phantom, Michael Crawford, and Christine Daae, Sarah Brightman.

The soundtrack that I own has this famous Broadway cast singing.



141023phantom-opera1.jpgOf course in Music Theory (when I was in high school)  we had a subsitute who had instructions to show this version. Our lovely Phantom is none other than Gerard Butler and Christine Daae was played by Emmy Rossum.

The moment I fell in love with Gerard Butler even though he could never beat out Lon Chaney. By the end I wanted the beautiful Phantom and Daae to be together. Even though I know that would never happen.

So I have watched many versions of this classic tale. (I would love to got see the one on Broadway though.) This has been on my to-read list for many years and I am just now finally getting to read it.

This is truly a Gothic horror classic. We find ourselves learning about what happened before the disappearance of Christine Daae. The Phantom or better known as Erik is in love with Daae. When a childhood friend of Daae, Raoul, comes back to Paris the Phantom gets jealous.

Now the romanticized versions that have been depicted doesn’t really show in the book. This is more mysterious. Once reading it I know why it’s a classic. I wish this had been on one of my English summer reading lists. Seriously English teachers assign this book!!!! Granted this doesn’t beat my love for Poe’s work but it is up there. It may possible be up on my rereads list which many books do not end up on. We will see in the future.




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Even Angels Fall by F.L. Darbyshire

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 498

Series: Stand alone

Rating: DNF no rating

Review: I got this off of NetGalley

I had problems with the writing style. I wasn’t much of a fan. I think this has a little bit to do with the British English that the story is written. I am from the middle of the United States and the jargon is different. I had to look up a few words on the internet just to understand what some people were saying.

Now that wasn’t the reason on why I didn’t like this book. I wasn’t interested. The main character came off as whiny to me. I understand that her twin brother had died and she is trying to cope with the new reality of living without her twin but she just…ugh I can’t describe it. The way she interacts with her mom  just makes me want to slap her. I got to about 30% then I put it down and I haven’t gotten any urge to pick it up again. I’m calling quits on this because I really don’t want to waste time with a book I have no interest in when I can be reading books that I do.

This one was just not for me.