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Challenge: Finish What You Started (series) August

In my group we list several series that we have started but haven’t finished. Someone then chooses what series to continue on with or focus on this month. Well the person assigned to me choose the Timeless Fairy Tales series.

Timeless Fairy Tales by K.M. Shea

  1. Beauty and the Beast 
  2. The Wild Swans
  3. Cinderella and the Colonel
  4. Rumpelstiltskin
  5. The Little Selkie
  6. Puss in Boots
  7. Swan Lake
  8. Sleeping Beauty.

I will link the review on here of each one that I read and mark off as I go. This challenge will start August 1st and go till August 31st.



Lover of books and movies. Goodreads reviewer. Animal lover. I write my honest opinion on here. I don't lie about my look on a book. I'm not mean and tearing a book or the author down. I'm completely honest.

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