Challenge: Cities of the World- Rio de Janeiro August 2016

These are a list of places to visit in Rio. Read a book to each site.


  1. Christ the Redeemer Statue- Read a book that you find inspirational
  2. Jardim Botanico- read a book with lots of trees on the cover
  3. Ipanema Beach- read a book with a title starts with an I
  4. Sanat Teresa (colonial Rio)- read a book set in the past
  5. Maracana Stadium- read a book with an athlete in it
  6. Ilha Fiscal (neo-Gothic castle)-read a book with a large building on cover: Rumpelstiltskin
  7. Barra Shopping Center-read a book that you purchased
  8. Flamengo Park- read a book with a red and/or black cover: The Cursed
  9. Selaron Steps- read a book with an artist in it
  10. Sao Bento Manastery- read a book where a main character vows to do something: The Forsaken
  11. Praca XV de Novembro (city square)- read a book set in a large city
  12. Chacara do Ceu Museu (modern art museum)- read a book published in 2015 or 2016 The Damned
  13. Palacio Tiradentes (legislative building)- read a book with an elected official in it
  14. Rio water park(South America’s largest water park) -read a book with over 400 pages
  15. Lapa Arches (Romanesque-style Aqueduct)-read a book with water on the cover: The Wild Swans
  16. Sugar Loaf Mountain- read a book with a sweet character



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