Challenge: August 2016 Opposites Attract


  1. Do not plan out books
  2. books must be 75 + pages in length
  3. Re-reads are allowed

Duration: August 1st -31st


  • First book: Shift out of Luck/ last book in series: Does a bear Shift in the Woods
  • Set in large city/rural area: The Perfect Cast
  • Female on cover:/Guy on cover:Prick
  • Gets married/Gets divorced
  • Gets the guy or girl/loses the guy or girl: The Forsaken
  • White cover/Black cover
  • contemporary/ historic
  • set on earth/set in space: Ice Planet Barbarians
  • monogamous/party girl
  • nooky in the bedroom/nooky in the kitchen
  • has kids/no kids
  • gets job/loses job
  • travels to other countries: The Cursed/ never leaves town
  • female MC: /male MC
  • Rourke or male laughed first/Eve or female laughed first
  • mountains: Rumpelstiltskin/seasideThe Little Selkie
  • Erotic The Lost Slipper/ Non-sexual (Clean Romance) Cinderella and the Colonel

7-9 pairs



Challenge: Cities of the World- Rio de Janeiro August 2016

These are a list of places to visit in Rio. Read a book to each site.


  1. Christ the Redeemer Statue- Read a book that you find inspirational
  2. Jardim Botanico- read a book with lots of trees on the cover
  3. Ipanema Beach- read a book with a title starts with an I
  4. Sanat Teresa (colonial Rio)- read a book set in the past
  5. Maracana Stadium- read a book with an athlete in it
  6. Ilha Fiscal (neo-Gothic castle)-read a book with a large building on cover: Rumpelstiltskin
  7. Barra Shopping Center-read a book that you purchased
  8. Flamengo Park- read a book with a red and/or black cover: The Cursed
  9. Selaron Steps- read a book with an artist in it
  10. Sao Bento Manastery- read a book where a main character vows to do something: The Forsaken
  11. Praca XV de Novembro (city square)- read a book set in a large city
  12. Chacara do Ceu Museu (modern art museum)- read a book published in 2015 or 2016 The Damned
  13. Palacio Tiradentes (legislative building)- read a book with an elected official in it
  14. Rio water park(South America’s largest water park) -read a book with over 400 pages
  15. Lapa Arches (Romanesque-style Aqueduct)-read a book with water on the cover: The Wild Swans
  16. Sugar Loaf Mountain- read a book with a sweet character



Book Reviews

Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

My edition: Own book


Series: Harry Potter #2

Rating: 5 stars

Review: Today I’m not in much of a reviewing type mood. Nor am I in a I want to be awake right now but life goes on.

Harry is back at Hogwarts again with friends Ron and Hermione. We find out about Tom Riddle and who he is. We get Dobby and we meet a new member of the Weasley family.

I do love this one but it isn’t my all time favorite. This one has the chapter that I fear most of all. Aragog. I have a fear of big spiders. The little spiders I’m okay with because I can kill them easily. The big spiders not so much. This chapter is so scary to me because of the spiders and in the movie I hated how big and creepy they got them. I was with Ron.


Sorry I don’t have much of a good review but this weekend has completely depleated me and of course I have to get everything ready for August both with my books and with work so I don’t have much time.

No matter what this is Harry Potter and I will reread it every year.



Challenge: Finish What You Started (series) August

In my group we list several series that we have started but haven’t finished. Someone then chooses what series to continue on with or focus on this month. Well the person assigned to me choose the Timeless Fairy Tales series.

Timeless Fairy Tales by K.M. Shea

  1. Beauty and the Beast 
  2. The Wild Swans
  3. Cinderella and the Colonel
  4. Rumpelstiltskin
  5. The Little Selkie
  6. Puss in Boots
  7. Swan Lake
  8. Sleeping Beauty.

I will link the review on here of each one that I read and mark off as I go. This challenge will start August 1st and go till August 31st.


Challenge: August Summer Olympics 2016


  • Books must be read from August 1st-31st
  • Books must be 100 pages
  • Graphic novels/ mangas / poetry will not count
  • Categories may only be completed once
  • DNF books don’t count


  • 1 point for every book and review that fits a category
  • 1 point for buddy reads
  • 5 points for every 1000 pages read
  • 5 points for completing all events under a catergory


Track and field

  • 5000 m race
    1. Read a book over 500 pages long:
    2. Read a book that involves a journey/road trip: The Forsaken
  • 1000 m race
    1. Read a book with a “1” or a “0” on cover/title. (Can be numerical spelling):
    2. Read a book in a series with more than four books: The Cursed
  • 100 m race (also 200 & 300)
    1.  Join in reading sprint 10, 20, or 30 minutes:
    2. Read a book with pages between 100-300: Rumpelstiltskin
  • hurdle
    1. Read a book where the MC plays a sport: Push the Envelope 
    2. Read a book which the MC over comes a “Hurdle” in their path: Grace Alive
  • high jump
    1. Read a book over coming adversity: Cinderella and the Colonel
    2. Read a book about the Olympics:


  • Freestyle
    1. Read a book your choice: Prick
    2. Read a book with water on the cover: Meant to Be.
  • backstroke
    1. Read a contemporary novel: The Longest Ride
    2. Read a book publish in a year of the summer Olympics
  • butterfly
    1. Read a book with butterflies on the cover: Dark Secrets
    2. Read a book that revolves around swimming
  • medley
    1. Read a fantasy novel: the Wild Swans
    2. Read a book with a buddy
  • freestyle race
    1. Read a book by an Indie author
    2. Read a book set in Brazil


A.Read a trilogy

B.Read a book about horses

C. Read a book with fewer than 100 ratings on Goodreads: The Cabin

  • Dressage
    1. Read a book translated into your language
    2. Read a book that has been described as lyrical
    3. Read a historical fiction novel: The Secret Life of Bees
  • Cross Country
    1. Read a book that involves a obstacle course/ scavenger hunt/ road trip/maze
    2. Read a book that involves the military
  • Jumping
    1. Read a book that involves time travel
    2. Read a book with a clock/ watch on the cover: Fateful


  • Floor exercise
    1. Read a book about a dancer
    2. Read a book about a gymnast
  • Vault
    1. Read a book with over 100,000 ratings
    2. Read a book that won a goodreads choice award
  • Balance beam
    1. Read a book that makes you lose your balance (Uncomfortable/something new): Tangled Rose
    2. Read a book that was recommended by someone you just met
  • Parallel bars
    1. Read a book that is compared to your favorite book
    2. Read a book with parallel universes
  • Uneven bars
    1. Read a coming of age: The Perfect Cast
    2. Read a book with a girl on cover.:The Damned



I’m doing my point off of my goodreads account. Alright I am ending this challenge since I know I won’t be able to finish my book till Thursday. My final tally is 10 books.

My final points are 2796.

Me being me!

Discussion: Weekly Memos

Well it’s that time again. Last week of the month. I have a few challenges that I need to finish up plus making new monthly challenges. For the month of August I have chosen August Olympic Challenge from Goodreads group Challenge Corner,  Finish What You Started (series), and Opposites Attract from Goodreads group The Challenge Factory. I’ll probably have other challenges posted. I will do no more than five.

Weekly Goals

  1. Start Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  2. Finish Phantom of the Opera and write review.
  3. Start Dracula
  4. Make posts for both challenges and post them.
  5. Finish writing review for Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.
  6. Finish with July Challenges

Challenge Discussion

I didn’t get to do much this month with my challenges. It has been one of the busiest months at work. Plus I’ve been kind of burnt out on reading. So I have slowed down quite a bit. Plus I was introducing Wy to Game of Thrones since he won’t read the books. I’ve been watching all five seasons. Haven’t had the chance to sit down and watch the sixth season due to us not having HBO. We have to wait till it comes out on DVD/ Blu-ray.

With the newest challenges coming up I have a big question. Does anyone watch the Olympics? If you do what is your favorite event to watch? I do watch the Olympics when I can and I love gymnastics for summer and ice skating for winter along with bobsledding.

Hope you guys have a fantastic week!