Me being me!

Discussion: Weekly memos

Hey yall

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week. I am going to start a weekly post to start off the week. I will be putting in what my weekly goals are and a challenge discussion.

Weekly Goals

  1. Finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Monday 18/7/16
  2. Finish Ruby Tuesday 19/7/16
  3. Start The Color of Heaven
  4. Find a book for Bastille Day July’16 challenge
  5. Start Fighting for Old DC for July Downsize challenge

Challenge Discussion

I am doing a quarterly challenge called Diverse Books. I have to find books that have MCs or places that are different from me or where I am. My mother is Italian and German who had two sisters, my father is Spaniard, Mexican, French, and Native American who had three sisters. I have only one brother. I don’t have any sisters. My mother didn’t really do much with me when it came to girl stuff when I was little. She is trying to make up for that now. My father spoiled me with books and art supplies. I hung out with him and my brother which made me more of a tom boy when growing up. I grew up on a farm in Colorado and now live on the outskirts of a small town in Kansas. I find myself more comfortable around guys than I do with girls, mostly due to mean girls when I was growing up. I never really had one close best friend. I do have close friends but I never really had that one best friend that has survived a long time. I tend to find myself always overthinking little things. Dumb things really.

This challenge has really opened up my eyes on how different my world is compared to someone else’s. You, who is reading this is different from me, but does anyone really stop to think about it. Yes we are human on the outside but do we really try to see the human on the inside? How many of us share the same insecure feelings? How many of us look at someone and want their life to find out in return they look at us in the same way?

I remembered that when I was a freshman in high school that I want to travel the world to know the different cultures. I still have my goal of learning seven different languages. I am working on learning Spanish right now. Of course I want to try all the different main dishes around the world.

So my discussion question is thus: How are you different from me? Truly I do want to know.