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Review: End Point by Peter Breakspear

My Edition: Kindle ebook received off of NetGalley

Series: stand-alone

Rating: 1.5

Review: From the publishers  Troubador Publishing Ltd I received the book.

Now where to start…

I normally don’t read much sci-fi because I’m just not a sci-fi person but I will at times came across a book that the synopsis popped out at me. Well this one didn’t hit the mark. Yes the synopsis had me intrigued but once I opened this book I was lost. It was to all over the place for me. In the first chapter Tom is leading a four man team to go locate something. I couldn’t figure out if it was an alien or a government experiment gone wrong. Then it takes us to a different place entirely in chapter two talking about X-rays and gamma rays coming from a ways off of the moon. There is a team working on that and trying to figure out what is sending the radiation. I was confused on when this was happening. Was this team looking at this at the same time Tom’s team was out there or was this afterward? I was highly confused. Characters aren’t developed well. I couldn’t even tell you what happened in the book most of the time. I had to put this down a lot and walk away so I could clear my head and go back to read it. I seriously couldn’t focus. I forced myself to finish this because I don’t want another DNF under my belt this year.

Would I recommend this to anyone? No I not really. Why? I can’t remember what exactly happened.