Me being me!

Top Heroes list

This list is different from book boyfriend because this list is for heroes only. What I mean by that is even if we don’t have book romance feelings for these heroes, we still love them. Here is my top ten book heroes.

10. Sam Henry

Story: Catching Jordan

We all can’t help it when through most of the book we want to slap Henry for being the douchebaggery he is when Jordan starts to date Ty. At the end though he makes up for everything. For this he is on my heroes

9. Hunter

Story: Trying Not to Love You

This guy can we give a round of applause to. Seriously when you grow up around you two best friends and their little sister you see how protective they are of her. The bad thing is when you start to have crush and then you two are each others first kiss and you can’t help the feelings grow between you two. Only to hide the feelings and watch her fall in love with someone else and then get heartbroken by that guy.

That is the story of Hunter. Well not the full story for he ends up being with the girl he loves even though he knows how his two best friends will take it. For that Hunter is a sweet hero. I just couldn’t get my romance feelings for to bloom so he is on this list.

8. Jake

Story: More Than This

His story is a little like Hunter. He does something so sweet and caring but I just couldn’t get the romance feelings up for him. Jake witnesses a girl he just met have a horrible break up and help rescue from a shitty prom night, lose her entire family. He lets his parents know and they take her in. He slowly falls in love with her. He is patient when she is hot and cold with him. No matter what, she is all that there is for him.

Again just couldn’t get the romance feelings up for him. But he is one of my top heroes.

7. Khal Drogo

Story: Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire #1)

Well this guy is on my book boyfriends (well more like book husbands) but he is also on my heroes list do to his protection of Daenerys. He is my only exception to being on both lists.

6. Jonas

Story: Darkness series

Jonas is a total asshole. He just takes what he wants and not cares. He ends up becoming one of Sasha’s body guards. In the fourth book Jonas kind of won my heart. He helped Sasha. Yeah he is still an asshole but hey he is one to love.

5. Charles

Story: Darkness series

He to is a body guard for Sasha. Actually he is her first body guard. There is so much to love about Charles. He is a total badass, has tattoos, and he knits. He is loyal to Stefan and to Sasha. No matter how much of a pain in the ass Sasha is.

4. Logan Kade

Story: Fallen Crest Series

While his brother made it onto the book boyfriend list Logan didn’t. He ended up being the brother I have always wanted. Not like a little brother or older but a twin brother. He is smart funny and protective of his family. Even though he is normally second best to his brother when it comes to the ladies Logan never lets it fully get him down.

3. Ron Weasley

Story: Harry Potter

Ron taught us how to be a true friend. He also taught us to believe in ourselves and to have courage.

2. Neville Longbottom

Story: Harry Potter series

He was a true Gryffindor through and through. He taught us that it takes a great deal of courage to stand up to our friends. Also he turned it to the ultimate badass int the last book.

1. Harry Potter

Story: Harry Potter Series

I have never had any book romance feelings for Harry but he is my all time favorite hero. His is the story I will continue returning to when I need a good story. There isn’t a child in the world who doesn’t know or at least heard of Harry Potter. Even when we are long gone, I have a feeling Harry will still be living.

Who is your favorite hero??

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