Me being me!

Harry Potter Reread

While I have many new books I need to read and review my mind can only think of one book series.

SO to give my mind what it wants, otherwise I won’t be able to concentrate, I am rereading Harry Potter along side with my other books. My fiance got me the entire book set for Christmas. No more having to borrow from the library. I can write notes in it and highlight all my favorite quotes. No dog ears though. I hate dog ears.

Now I do have a mission to reread these every year. My brain has decide that it is time to reread again. Also rewatch again too. Since my fiance doesn’t read , well chooses not to read he watches the movies with me. He also gets irritated ┬ábecause I know the movies by heart and sometimes quote along with the movie. Can’t help it.

What is a series that you like to reread again?