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My Book Boyfriend List

I am finally making this list. I have been wanting to make it since I have started this blog last year. I am only going to do my top 10 book boyfriends because I have a really long list.

10. Aiden Graves

Story: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Why: His brooding nature may fool some people but really he is just the silent type. Aiden only focuses on football and working out. He has a strong work ethic and has everything scheduled and planned out to the way he wants. Only problem with him is he doesn’t eat meat and if I remember correctly it said he was vegan. In my house you will starve if vegan.

9. Mason Kade

Story: Fallen Crest High series

Why: Mason Kade is an asshole to anyone who is not his friends or his family. No matter what he protects Sam with everything he has. Even when Sam sometimes doubt he is reminds her that it’s her for him.

8. Nathaniel Kelly

Story: Forever Red

Why: Tattoos, singer, bad boy. That and he is just drool worthy. Even when the love of his life broke his heart he wrote songs about her. He looked for her every where and really didn’t stop looking.

7. Colt Mitchell

Story: Letting Go

Why: He went against his family to be with Savanna. He knew it wasn’t Savanna’a fault for his cousin’s bad mistakes.

6. Gunner Mathews

Story: Wanted

Why: He had to deal with Elle. Kind of joking there. He just had to deal with her drama and trust issues even though he never broken or given a reason for Elle not to trust him.

5. Chris

Story: Coach

Why: This man is on here for his smut factor. He is the highest on my list for smut boyfriends. Also I can’t resist an alpha male.

4. Kota, Nathan, Gabriel, Victor, Owen, Sean, Silas, North, Luke

Story: Ghost Bird series

Why: These are my boys of my taboo read. It’s hard to explain why I love all of them the same way but I do. I can’t choose between them.

3. Garrett Graham

Story: The Deal

Why: At first I didn’t know what to think of Graham but as the story went on he became my hockey Romeo. (See No. 1) He was patient for Hannah. He didn’t want to rush her and even when she broke his heart he still went to her concert to support her.

2. Brody Murphy

Story: Cranberry Inn series

Why: I know what your thinking. How did this guy out beat No. 3 if No. 3 is like No.1 well he does. Brody fell in love with a woman, Kacie. Here’s the thing. Kacie has twin daughters. Brody didn’t mind that she had kids. He still wanted her. He respected her being a mother and when she wanted to tell them that they were dating. When Kacie’s ex comes back wanting to be in the girls lives and says he is their father, Brody doesn’t let it fly and beats him up. Brody stands by Kacie and their girls. That is why he beat out No. 3

1. Romeo “The Bullet” Prince aka Rome

Story: Sweet Home and Sweet Rome

Why: Rome stole my heart from day one. I have reread his books twice now. His alpha male is what got me. Also his love for Molly shows what kind of man he is. No matter what no one has beaten him out of the running. Some have come close but just couldn’t make it all the way.

Any on here that you agree with? Who is your number one Book Boyfriend?



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